A Contract Manager who ensures that projects undertaken by achieve all performance standards required by our Clients. LABA CONTRACTORS, Administrators who provide high level managment and technical assistance in our contracts, including resource planning, programming and financial forecasting whilst also discovering innovative ways to deliver our projects

Highly experienced foreman and supervisors guide and assist our teams in their duties, and management day to day construction

The HR, Quality, Health and ; Safety and Environmental Management Department support our contract team in these essential responsibilities with sound business practice. Our tendering team which consists of construction planners, estimators, attribute writers and administrators develop our business by preparing tender submissions. Support staff we depend on for essential services such as IT, Finance, Administration,

It is said “Your staff are your most important asset”, at LABA CONTRACTORS . We believe in this whole-heartedly which is why we want them all to work in a safe environment and be part of our growth as we look to move forward as a company. We therefore invest in their future through training programmes, mentoring and

to help them develop their careers and futures. This personal development is fundamental  to the success of our business

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Emanuel M. Mshana – Managing Director

Edwin M. Kamugisha – Technical Director

Peter M. Kifua Foreman

Godfrey S. Ambakisye  –  Artisan