LABA CONTRACTORS LIMITED apply drainage on a road, because the water from higher ground on one side of the road has to be lead to the lower ground on the other. LABA CONTRACTORS apply both CROSS and ALONG E drainage. At this point, water collects and cross drains are needed

Concrete is a mixture of aggregate, sand, cement and water. All sands contain a percentage of impurities. It is inevitable and a maximum of 5 percent of silt can be allowed. However sand used in reinforced concrete should not contain particles of shell or coal residues, which have a corrosive effect on the reinforcement. The sand is often found in rivers

LABA CONTRACTORS understand that heavy vibrating rollers compact the surface not very well, therefore often the last passes are done with dead-weight rollers. Dead weight rollers are also more appropriate in cohesive soils. LABA CONTRACTORS source skilled labour with ability to deal with hand tool machine which is suitable at this point